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About Lang's Store

Each January Lang's Store opens with hundreds of fishing related items
for immediate purchase at fixed prices. These unique items remain
available until sold. After one week, those not purchased are offered
at a 20% discount for the second and final week.


This type of "Virtual Tackle Show" is unique to Lang's Store in the field of antique and collectible fishing tackle. The Store benefits from a large clientele of mostly younger collectors that buy exclusively online and enjoy this type of fast paced competitive buying forum.

As a buyer, the Store provides an exciting virtual tackle show experience, offering a large selection of items at set prices without the expense or time expenditure of travel. Professional grade photography, accurate descriptions and a wide range of affordable items are just a few of the advantages we offer to our buyers. Lang's has worked hard to build a reputation as the world's largest and most respected tackle auction, and is proud to offer the same quality experience to our Lang's Store customers.

As a consignor, we expose your items to collectors around the world in an aggressive buying situation, and provide the same professional photography and accurate descriptions for your items as we have in our cataloged auctions. Our extensive advertising and exclusive mailing list of over 30,000 collectors provides an advantage over every other selling venue. Because of Lang's Store's unique competitive buying platform, a much higher percentage of consignments sell than at any other set price online venue.

If you've never taken part in our annual Lang's Store listing, we hope you will, it's buying like you've never experienced before.

Contact Us:  Sales@LangsStore.com   ~  315-841-4623   ~  Conditions of Sale