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Purchasing from the Store

Buying from Lang's Store is an easy process of viewing, adding the item to your cart, and checking out. Simply browse or search to find an item of your choice from one of the categories: Lures, Reels, Rods, Misc., etc. To purchase that item, click the Add to Cart button, then either continue shopping or checkout - it's that easy!

*Important Note: Multiple customers can add the same item to their cart, however the first person to checkout and complete the order process will buy the item! If you have an item in your cart, and it is gone when you proceed to the checkout process, it is a result of another customer paying for it first. Because all items in Lang's Store are unique, there can only by one buyer. If you find an item you want - check out quickly!

Buying hints:

If you are looking for specific items - use the search feature - it is much faster than browsing

Create your profile early to save your shipping information for a faster checkout

Pay for your items as quickly as possible - every second counts during the first hours of the opening

Familiarize yourself with the site - especially the checkout screens below

Familiarize yourself with our site....

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If you've never taken part in our annual Lang's Store listing, we hope you will, it's buying like you've never experienced before.